There is no other school in Arizona where performing arts are so integral to the overall school experience, and such a wonderful part of it. ASA’s nationally recognized conservatory focused on performing arts – music, theatre, and dance – is truly unique among Arizona schools. Students learn from professional teaching artists and classes are organized by skill rather than grade level. The curriculum focuses on performance, collaboration, self-discipline, risk-taking, and training in the feedback cycle, and creates talented young adults culturally in-tune with the world around them.

Students are not required to know an instrument or have prior training in performing arts, which may be music to many parents’ ears. ASA’s non-audition, inclusive programs support personal growth, build confidence, and inspire a passion for the performing arts at all levels. Students select an area of focus and learn to play and perform on campus, as part of the core curriculum.

One thing is certain, you will be amazed at your child’s hidden talents. An ASA education taps into their artistic strengths, develops innate skills and talents, and stimulates brain development in ways that are truly remarkable, and will benefit them their entire lives.