ASA achieves high academic standards through an intensive college-preparatory curriculum and a 16:1 teacher to student ratio. Students benefit intellectually from a holistic learning approach that integrates continuous course study in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language, and Scholastic endeavors that hone real-world skills. Students become expert researchers and presenters during the third quarter as they prepare integrated academic presentations (3QP) and present their work to teachers, parents, and sometimes other school stakeholders. At ASA students learn to read, think, write, discuss, and analyze complex topics, and apply creative and critical thinking skills. Artistically, students graduate performance-ready, due in part to ASA’s philosophy of “practice, practice, practice.” They learn to embrace comfort with discomfort, refine their craft, and focus on progress over time – developing a crossover work ethic that ­bridges arts and academics, and creates truly remarkable young people.