ASA is a learning institution for students and teachers alike as we all prepare young people for success in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world. We stretch our students to think critically and creatively and achieve high academic standards through an intensive college-preparatory curriculum. Students become expert researchers and presenters during the third quarter as they prepare integrated academic presentations (3QP) and present their work to teachers, parents, and sometimes other school stakeholders.  ASA students delve into the learning process with a focus on continuous improvement, practice, and eventual performance – developing a crossover work ethic that ­bridges arts and academics and creates truly remarkable young people. The Creative Practices Portfolio published by the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts best captures the attributes we see flourishing –  expressive agility, deep observation, risk-taking, learning from failure, idea generation, empathy, and reasoning – traits that lead to lifelong learning and success.