Give to the annual fund

Arizona School for the Arts is a nonprofit, public charter school that is tuition-free and donation-dependent. Although we receive state funding, these funds do not cover operational costs to maintain ASA’s high-quality education and arts conservatory programs. When you donate to ASA, you strike a beautiful chord in our hearts. Your generosity helps ASA to remain fiscally strong and able to serve students from all economic backgrounds.

2019-2020 goal: $1 million from parents and our community

Your Tax-Deductible Annual Fund dollars go immediately to:

  • Faculty salaries and professional development opportunities
  • Performing Arts Courses
  • Experiences outside of ASA campus
  • Covers needs-based student fee waivers
  • Campus safety
  • Technology needs

We ask $2,000/per child per year in order to meet our operational budget goal. We strive to grow the parent and family contributions every year!  Currently, ASA has 70% parent and family participation. (That’s a C- folks!) 100% Board of Directors and 100% of our Senior Leadership Team give to the Annual Fund. Help us retain our incredible teachers and staff and attract the best to support our students’ education by contributing and helping ASA thrive. Thank you!

donate to the annual fund