What We Believe In

Arizona School for the Arts provides a unique curriculum that interweaves rigorous academics and performing arts. The correlation between playing music and improved cognition is well-documented. However, beyond purely cognitive benefits are the immeasurable long-term social and emotional gains. Performing arts teaches creative problem-solving and builds confidence and inclusivity among students. Our students possess a rare poise, maturity, and civic mindedness for such young ages. ASA graduates are accomplished communicators who are engaged artistically and well-prepared for college, and life.



ASA inspires creative thinkers and leaders through providing an innovative concentration in college preparation informed by the performing arts.



Arizona School for the Arts intends to do the following: 

  • Provide a physically safe and secure environment for its students.

  • Provide rigorous, challenging, and stimulating college preparatory academic programs.

  • Provide the opportunity to work with professional artists as part of the core curriculum of the school.