Performing arts are fundamental to the overall school experience at ASA. Our music, theatre, and dance programs integrate historical, global, and cultural connections that are relevant to today. Students learn from professional artists, and classes are organized by skill rather than grade level. ASA’s arts curriculum focuses on performing, creating original work, process-driven collaboration, self-discipline, risk-taking, and critical thinking.

Students entering ASA come with varied  levels of artistic experience and are placed in arts courses that match their level from beginner to advanced. Our non-audition, inclusive programs support personal growth, build  confidence, and inspire a passion for the performing arts at all levels. Students select an area of focus and learn to play and perform on campus as part of the core curriculum.

An ASA education taps into your child’s artistic strengths, develops innate life skills, and stimulates brain development to support their overall academic growth. 

2023-24 Performance Calendar


The purpose of our program is to provide an educational performing arts curriculum that is closely connected to the diverse cultural foundations and creative process of each performing art form and to develop real world formative experiences that help students critically think and develop community. Active participation in performing arts helps students develop the Social Emotional Learning Competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision making in conjunction with the National Arts Standards of creating, performing, responding, and connecting. The symbiotic nature of emotional and artistic development propels the social growth and skills to overcome emotional challenges students face through their formative years. They become the foundation of life skill development that carries into their future experiences.

At the beginning of every year, arts faculty evaluate all new and returning students and place them in the appropriate level of study. All middle school students choose either piano or choir as their chosen music fundamentals course.  Middle school students also choose from the series of selected performing arts: dance, theatre, or a musical instrument. ASA’s performing arts curriculum helps students develop skills in the creative process, regular practice, focused individual concentration, and teamwork.

The high school performing arts curriculum consists of three areas: music, theatre, and dance. By junior year, students narrow their focus to one area and declare a major. In high school, all new and returning students are reviewed annually for correct class-level placement.

ASA Seniors have the opportunity to apply to receive the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency to earn recognition from the Arizona Department of Education for inclusion on their ASA diploma. In addition, all ASA juniors who are planning on professionally pursuing the performing arts and who will be majoring in their specific area of artistic concentration in institutions of higher education are invited to apply for the Performing Arts College Prep Course for their senior year. Further details on both of these programs can be found under each performing arts department link.