College Counseling

College Counseling Mission: To guide students to discover and develop their interests and skills in order to create a college or career plan that supports their personal strengths and goals.

College Counseling Goals

To work with each student and family individually in order to make students aware of the options available for college. We focus on helping find a college match that:

  • Academically challenges the student,
  • Aligns with their interests, values, & career goals and
  • Is an institution where they will grow and thrive personally

To provide resources so that all families are equipped and informed in the college process. These are to include areas such as self-assessment, time management, standardized testing, college selection, applications, and financial aid /scholarships.


We want to continue providing support and guidance regarding
the college process during this time of CoVID-19
Ms. Kuhl will continue to “meet” with students via the Zoom platform. (Sign up & Install Zoom)

Meeting with the College Counselor

Opt. 1 OPEN DOOR: There will be Zoom Open Office Hours Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 10:30-12:00 noon. This is a time you can pop into a video chat and ask questions. You might be the only one there or there might be others, but it is a time you know Ms. Kuhl will be giving some face time to students.

Opt. 2 ONE-ON-ONE APPOINTMENTS: Sign up HERE to schedule a 20 minute Zoom appointment for yourself or your family. All meetings are either at 1:00pm, 1:25pm, or 1:50pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  If you are placed in the “waiting room” be patient as we adjust to this new platform and Ms. Kuhl will be right with you.


Visiting a college and need the Excused Absence Request Form?

(1) Let the office know the days you will be absent, (2) fill out the request form, (3) get a verification from the college you are visiting, and (4) turn in the request form and verification so that your absence will be excused. Otherwise it will remain as an unexcused absence.


College Representatives: We would love for you to visit. Check out available times HERE. Make sure to follow up with an email to connect with the College Counselor.


Please fill out form to contact college counselor