High School

Welcome to High School!

ASA’s High School curriculum builds on prior studies and skills developed during Middle School. Teachers instill a love of learning and prepare students for lifelong success. Deeper understanding is achieved when the subject matter moves from text to productive classroom conversations. Our teachers often take on the role of facilitator. They guide discussion forums that encourage students to collaborate, debate complex concepts and analyze topics from multiple perspectives, allowing students to better absorb the material and reach more fruitful conclusions.

During the high school years, students apply their increasingly impressive research and performance skills during the annual Third Quarter Presentation (3QP) that, depending on grade level, integrate content from areas such as science and social science, delve into applied science, and contemporary world issues.

Seniors prepare a formal presentation as well as a creative component that focuses on sustainability for their 3QP- referred to as Capstone.  Presentations such as these, like musical or artistic study, involve extensive preparation, critique, practice, and performance. The ability to speak publicly and present information in a compelling and organized manner prepares our students for college and for life college.  

Upon graduation, ASA students are well-rounded and articulate individuals, incredible thinkers, and outstanding writers. They possess the discipline, study habits, and content knowledge; leadership qualities that enable them to pursue any course of academic study at the university level.  

High school students may also pursue opportunities to distinguish themselves by earning diploma seals in arts, civics, and biliteracy.


High School Life

The transition to high school life is an exciting and exhilarating time. While we welcome new faces to the Freshman class each year we also retain a large percentage of ASA veteran students, which only helps to support the strong sense of community within our high school cohorts. Students at the high school level continue their academic instruction with a rigorous schedule of 5 academic classes each day. ASA students graduate with 28 credits in academic and arts studies, which is one of the many things that sets our students apart in their college search. High school students take their academic classes in the morning session and their arts classes in the afternoon session. The lunch period is set aside for student socialization, academic tutoring, and extracurricular club meetings. 

Course Sequences