az public school tax credit

The Arizona Public School Tax Credit is a smart way to support ASA. The first benefit: You. Receive a dollar-for-dollar credit that is applied to offset your state tax liability. The second benefit: Our students.



Tax Credit Gift FAQs

What is the benefit of making a Tax Credit gift to ASA?

With the Arizona Public School Tax Credit, you can make a gift to Arizona School for the Arts and get it right back on your state taxes as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit! For example, if you donate a $200 tax credit gift to ASA when you file your taxes in the spring, your state tax bill will be $200 less. Send dollars your tax dollars directly to the school of your choice — Arizona School for the Arts, of course!

What do Tax Credit contributions support? 

Your Arizona Public School Tax Credit gift to ASA means supporting all Life Skills classes and nearly 40 Extracurricular Clubs. Activities such as Mock Trial, Robotics, Cross Country, and Model UN rely on tax credit contributions! These opportunities build character, leadership, and opportunities beyond the exploration of interests beyond the classroom. The clubs and activities our students love would not be possible without your support!

Do I have to be a resident of Arizona?

Yes, you must be a resident of Arizona to receive the dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your AZ state tax return.

Do I have to have a child attending ASA in order to make a Tax Credit donation?

No, ANY individual or couple who pays AZ income tax can contribute and claim the tax credit! Spread the word among your AZ friends, family, and colleagues!

How much Tax Credit can I give?

Donors can give a maximum of $200 for single taxpayers or heads of household and $400 for couples filing jointly to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. You have until Tax Day  to make a tax credit gift that is eligible for your Arizona state tax filings.

I have a child in private school, as well, can I still give to ASA? 

Yes, MAXIMIZE your tax credits! You can give to ASA to receive the Public School Tax Credit in addition to taking advantage of three other tax credits in the same year: Private School Tuition Tax Credit, Qualified Charitable Tax Credit, and the Qualified Foster Care Tax Credit.

Is there a specific tax form I need to file in order to receive a tax credit for my donation?

Yes, you will need to complete Form 322. Additional information and instructions can be found HERE. The Arizona Department of Revenue now requires taxpayers to report the school’s 9-digit CTDS (County code, Type code, and District code & site code) number on Form 322.

ASA’s CTDS Code is: 07-87-22-001.