Student Supply Lists + Summer Reading

View and download grade applicable school supply and reading lists for your ASA Student(s), below!

Middle School

5th Summer Bistro Selections
6th Summer Bistro Selections
7th Summer Bistro Selections
8th Summer Bistro Selections

Note: Students must make a selection from one of the books on the Summer Reading list.   These are books that relate to our class themes.


High School 

Note: Please choose a book from the lists! 



             Summer Choice Text Theme



             College Prep: Self-Selected Poet Study

             Pre-AP: Exploring Greek Mythology





             College Prep: Memoir Summer Reading

  •     Students should choose 1 book from the list

             AP Language: Memoir Summer Reading 

  •     Students must all read the required text and one (1) additional text from the list



 Summer Reading: Memoir of Choosing


All reading must be completed prior to the first day of school on August 15th!