Student Supply Lists + Summer Reading

View and download grade applicable school supply and reading lists for your ASA Student(s), below!


COMING SOON! 2024-2025 Supply Lists & Summer Reading Lists

Middle School

5th Summer Bistro Selections
6th Summer Bistro Selections
7th Summer Bistro Selections
8th Summer Bistro Selections

Note: Students must make a selection from one of the books on the Summer Reading list.   These are books that relate to our class themes.


High School 

Note: Please choose a book from the lists! 



             Summer Choice Text Theme



             College Prep: Self-Selected Poet Study

             Pre-AP: Exploring Greek Mythology





             College Prep: Memoir Summer Reading

  •     Students should choose 1 book from the list

             AP Language: Memoir Summer Reading 

  •     Students must all read the required text and one (1) additional text from the list



 Summer Reading: Memoir of Choosing


All reading must be completed prior to the first day of school on August 15th!