Student Arts Engagement

Throughout the year, you will find ASA performing in our community, and helping through community service.

Making an Impact

In addition to their more than 200 required school performances produced from their class study, ASA students are a recognizable and valued part of the downtown arts community. They seek out opportunities beyond the school gates to engage as independent artists, arts supporters, advocates, volunteers, and leaders. Already, they are setting a pathway to become the Valley’s future artists, audience and patrons.

Our students perform in a variety of high esteemed venues and locations, such as Frank Lloyd Wright/Taliesin, AZ Opera, Herberger: Downtown Space Activation Project, Hospice of the Valley, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

ASA students are Engaged

We have had:

31 Community Performances
103 ASA Performances

  • 41
  • 59

LEAD a non-ASA arts event

  • 70
  • 30

ATTENDED non-ASA performances

  • 64
  • 36

PERFORMED in non-ASA events

  • 45
  • 55

VOLUNTEERED for non-ASA arts groups