Arts Philosophy

Arizona School for the Arts provides a one-of-a-kind educational experience and our conservatory-based approach is unparalleled in Arizona. In addition to our incredible staff of educators, students work with professional artists as part of the core academic requirements. Our students become skilled musicians, dancers, and actors, not to mention critical thinkers. Active participation in performing arts produces smart, well-rounded students who are self-assured, self-reliant, and possess those intangible qualities that better prepare them for life-long success.

Middle School Arts 5th-8th grade

At the beginning of every year, arts faculty evaluate all new and returning students and place them in the appropriate level of study. Piano  and choir are required for all 5th-8th grade students. Middle school students also choose one additional arts class: ballet, theatre or an instrument. In addition to piano, middle school students can also choose an additional class: ballet, theatre, or an instrument. ASA’s curriculum helps students develop skills in regular practice, focused concentration and team work.

High School Arts 9th-12th grade

In high school, all new and returning students are reviewed annually for correct class level placement. The high school arts curriculum consists of three performing arts areas: music, theatre, and ballet. By junior year, students narrow their focus to one major.