Academic Philosophy

ASA is a learning institution for students and teachers alike as we all prepare young people for success in a fast paced and rapidly changing world.  With a dynamic curriculum firmly rooted in both foundational texts and cutting-edge research, we stretch our students to think critically and creatively. The Creative Practices Portfolio published by the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts best captures the attributes we see flourishing –  expressive agility, deep observation, risk-taking, learning from failure, idea generation, empathy, and reasoning – traits that lead to lifelong learning and success.


AS AN ASA STUDENT, I: seek out professors during office hours, offer unique solutions, chart new paths, form class study groups, bridge culture through music, appreciate different points of view, ask questions, take action, challenge assumptions with evidence, and imagine multiple solutions.

AS AN ASA GRADUATE, I AM: college prepared, arts engaged, an accomplished communicator, civic minded, performance ready, and a practitioner of practice (practice, practice).