Principal’s Corner – August 22, 2019

 |  Family Engagement Newsletter

We are elated to have our students back on campus! 

As we head into week three, I hope most of you have settled into morning and evening routines. I know the first week or two is a challenge as families work to find rhythm and balance with the daily schedule.

At ASA, teachers return to school one week before the students. This intentional week provides an opportunity to commit to the school’s mission, connect with colleagues, and focus on the meaning of community.  ASA has a clear mission, shared goals across grade levels, academic and arts disciplines, and a supportive culture. Each year, our leadership, faculty, and staff invest in this educational mission by giving purposeful attention and intention to the WHY of our interactions and decisions. We create community to realize our mission and goals.  To that end, we are unified and laser-focused on creating a community where ALL belong.

Simply put, ASA cannot accomplish its mission if students lack a sense of belonging and connection to the community and its members.  By the very design of the schedule and courses, students are required daily (hourly, in fact) to invest, engage, and perform- activities that necessitate a student’s willingness to share their thinking and doing in the presence of others. ASA must ensure our students’ needs for belonging are met before expecting them to move to these higher level of need for confidence, respect, recognition, and pursuit of one’s full potential.

We are committed to creating a community where students belong so they can courageously showcase their creativity in academic and arts classes; we are united in this work so ASA may fulfill its mission: ASA inspires creative thinkers and leaders through providing an innovative concentration of college preparation informed by the performing arts.

Over the course of the year, ASA faculty will be working on school initiatives that support the theme of belonging. I look forward to sharing those initiatives with you in future FEM articles.