Family Engagement Matters: Principal’s Corner

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3QP is HERE!

For our new families, third quarter presentation season, affectionately called 3QP, is upon us. This means that every single ASA student is working on the same outcome to be an active participant in the 3QP process and an effective communicator during the 3QP product (presentation).

With our focus on growth mindset this year, it is more relevant than ever that we value the importance of both process and product.  In all grade levels, students are learning and practicing the content and skills needed to engage successfully in their grade level 3QP.  The 3QP reflects the value ASA places on developing students who think critically, research independently, synthesize effectively, and present meaningfully to the targeted audience. Our alums consistently and fervently share the value of the 3QP process for setting them up for success in college.

Without the gift of this perspective, students who are currently in the midst of 3QP might express feelings quite contrary to gratitude.  They may feel overwhelmed and unsure. It is important that we support them through the process, encouraging them to seek guidance from teachers and practice positive coping strategies.  At each grade level, the teachers work diligently to ensure the project is relevant, the timeline is clear, and the process is manageable and appropriate for the age group.

Having said that, we also acknowledge students experience stress at different times and for various reasons, including the 3QP.  Within our own school day, our students are incredibly fortunate to have their arts classes to provide a balance within the school day and a natural outlet for creative expression. Academic teachers work with students to alleviate stress related to 3QP by being available to work with students at lunch, answering questions and providing support.

During the 3QP season, we encourage families to discuss and put into practice healthy coping strategies, such as exercise, good nutrition, and time outdoors to soak up some vitamin D. Enjoy this article and begin thinking of how you can help your student develop proactive strategies that work in any situation.

We look forward to celebrating your student’s work when they deliver a unique presentation the week of 3/11-3/15.