Student Engagement & Leadership

ASA students thrive intellectually, creatively, and emotionally in a culture that is committed to personal expression, inclusivity, risk-taking, empathic reasoning, and problem-solving. Our students possess a rare poise, maturity, and civic-mindedness for such young ages. ASA graduates are accomplished communicators who are engaged artistically and well-prepared for college, career, and life. Graduates of ASA are admitted to top colleges and universities throughout the nation, and our test scores are among the highest in the state. 



  • AS AN ASA STUDENT, I seek out professors during office hours, offer unique solutions, chart new paths, form class study groups, bridge culture through music, appreciate different points of view, ask questions, take action, challenge assumptions with evidence, and imagine multiple solutions.
  • AS AN ASA GRADUATE, I am college prepared, arts engaged, an accomplished communicator, civic-minded, performance-ready, and a practitioner of practice (practice, practice).



ASA’s college preparatory-level instruction on government, history, law, and democracy develops civic-minded students who become role models in their communities and stewards of good citizenship. In-class discussions on current local, national and international issues ignite curiosity in students about the world and self-reflection about their place within it. ASA students are active in school governance and the democratic process and take advantage of extra-curricular opportunities to engage with ASA and the community. They have a passion for making a difference. 

In fact, ASA has been recognized with multiple Arizona Civic Engagement School of Excellence awards since 2013, a credit to the great community-minded thinkers of ASA.



In addition to their more than 200 required school performances produced from their class study, ASA students are a recognizable and valued part of the downtown arts community. They seek out opportunities beyond the school gates to engage as independent artists, arts supporters, advocates, volunteers, and leaders. Already, they are setting a pathway to becoming the Valley’s future artists, audience, and patrons.

Our students perform in a variety of highly esteemed venues and locations, such as Frank Lloyd Wright/Taliesin, AZ Opera, Herberger: Downtown Space Activation Project, Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Hance Park


Combine the boost of an arts education and an academic curriculum that stimulates critical thinking with motivated, passionate, curious, and thoughtful young people, and the stage is set for a life of opportunity and success, as they define it!  

Class of 2021 Highlights

Within these numbers lie many choices, not one single outcome into cookie-cutter like graduates, but an array of opportunities. That is what we want for all ASA students – a holistic education that helps our young people achieve any goal they wish to pursue.

Class 2021 Highlights