Showcase 2020 Performance Groups

Please check this page often for Showcase updates.

We will be returning to the historic Orpheum theatre for Showcase 2020 on Wednesday, May 27 and Thursday, May 28. Showcase features a variety of group performances representing ASA’s three artistic disciplines (music, ballet, and theatre) and providing an inspiring professional experience for our students. ASA produces two different shows capturing the accomplishments the students have made through the year.

Some students may be participating in arts classes this year that do not perform in Showcase.  To help families with their May schedules, we are providing a list of the groups performing at this time.  Students that are not participating in Showcase 2020 will be excused from school starting May 21, 2020.

More information about the rehearsal schedule and purchasing tickets to the performance will be available soon.  Please feel free to communicate with your student’s arts teacher about any questions or concerns. Students will receive individual student schedules the week of May 1, 2020.  Please ask your student for this document.

Tickets for the two performances go on sale at the beginning of May. Look for updates soon with more specifics.

Performance Location
Orpheum Theatre
203 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003
7:00 PM

Performers List (in alphabetical order)

Wednesday  – May 27, 2020

5th & 6th grade Choirs
Advanced Guitar
Advanced Treble Choir
Ballet Foundations 1
Ballet Foundations 2 (5th-8thgrade)
Bel Canto Choir
Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Winds
Formaggi 5
Guitar Foundations 3
Guitar Foundations 4
Intermediate Dance
Intro to Dance
Musical Theatre 1
Piano Students (to be announced by department)
Production Crew (to be announced by department)
Symphonic Winds
Theatre Students (to be announced by department)

Thursday – May 28, 2020

Advanced Guitar
Pre-Professional Ballet
Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Singers
Chamber Winds
Classical Corp
Concert Choir
Contemporary Corp
Mixed Ensemble Choir
Musical Theatre 2
Percussion Ensemble
Piano Students (to be announced by department)
Production Crew (to be announced by department)
Senior Musical Theatre
Symphony Orchestra
Theatre Performance 1 and 2

Showcase 2020 FAQs

  • My student is not in Showcase, when is their last day?
    • May 20th
  • How do I know my student’s rehearsal schedule?
    • All students will have their own individualized rehearsal schedule at the beginning of May provided by their arts teachers
    • All rehearsals and time frames will be written down on their own personal schedules in their arts classes
  • Does my student need to show up to school on the days that they don’t have a rehearsal scheduled?
    • No
    • Only students in rehearsals need to be on campus – all other students have the indicated day off
    • Do not call the attendance line if your student is not scheduled to be in rehearsal
  •  If my student lost their schedule, what do I do?
    • Have your student talk to any of their art teachers
    • They will need a new document and get all the pertinent information from each teacher
  • Where & when do I pick up my student on the ½ day rehearsals at ASA?
    • The rehearsals on May 21st & 22nd are from 7:45-12:20 – selected students will have a later rehearsal until 3:00
    • Drop off and pick up locations are ASA and Arizona Opera
      • Specific locations will be indicated on your student’s schedule
    • The rehearsal time and locations on May 26th are specific to each department – see your student’s schedule for the information you need
    • Note: students that are going to AZ Opera between drop off & pick up will be transported by bus back and forth
  • What is the food policy at the Orpheum?
    • Students can bring snack items into their backstage rooms
    • If they are assigned to be a part of both the morning and afternoon rehearsals, students can bring a sack lunch
      • There will be a space provided for them to eat with faculty supervision
    • Students will also be allowed to go to local restaurants with a faculty chaperone
  • Where do I drop off my student when going to the Orpheum?
    • Drop Off/Pick Up: Use north and south side of Adams between 2nd& 3rdAve
      • Students are not allowed to be dropped off on the loading dock
    • There is no bus service  between ASA & the Orpheum
  • Can my student park at the Orpheum?
    • Students that drive will need to park near ASA and ride the light rail to the Orpheum or pay for parking in a lot
    • Students will not be released to feed meters
  • Can my student bring electronics, books, and games to rehearsals?
    • Yes, while in rehearsal rooms
      • Please make sure all materials are school appropriate
    • ASA does not assume any responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items
  • Can my student leave the showcase performance early?
    • All students must stay for the whole performance.
    • They will be released as soon as the performance is over
  • Can I buy my student a seat?
    • Your student will not be allowed to leave the backstage area on nights they perform.
      • You may not purchase them a seat
    • You are welcome to purchase a seat for your student on a night they are not performing
      • Tickets go on sale May 1 and pricing will be made available 30 days prior
  • Where do I meet my student after the performance is over?
    • Make a meeting place with your student
    • Allow for time for all students to leave the backstage areas
    • They will be released by assigned backstage locations and teachers can help direct students to your planned meeting points
  • What should my student bring to the Orpheum for rehearsals and performances?
    • Cell Phone (so you can communicate at pick up times)
    • Music students: instrument, music, and all supplies
    • Theatre students: all items indicated by your theatre teacher
    • Ballet students: refer to the information provided by Ms. Firicano