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At ASA, there is never a dull moment and it can be hard to keep up with the plethora of activities. We hope to highlight the main events and information you are searching for herein.

3QP scheduling will open on Tuesday, January 21st 7pm in ParentVue

3rd Quarter Presentations:  “3QP assessment is given once per year during Presentation Week (March 9-12), at which time the regular classroom schedule is suspended so that students may make individual academic presentations in front of a panel consisting of their parents, teachers, and administrators. Parents sign up for their presentation time in January, so families know in advance which day the student must report for the individual presentation. Presentation week is held the week before Spring Break. Students and parents must avoid scheduling vacations during that week.” (ASA Community Handbook pg 7)

Please carefully read the instructions in this email to best prepare for presentation scheduling. 

Preparing for 3rd Quarter Presentation Scheduling

To prepare for scheduling your student’s presentation, please note:

  • You MUST make sure you can access your ParentVue account. 
  • Due to the holiday weekend, technical assistance will resume on Tuesday, January 21st. 
  • For assistance in accessing your ParentVue account send an email to presentations@goasa.org.  
    • Make sure to include your student’s name and grade level.
    • In order to provide timely responses, this is the only email that will be responding to account access assistance.  
    • Emails sent to other addresses will be directed back to presentations@goasa.org.
    • Although this email will be monitored throughout the day, please note it could take up to 4 hours for a response during regular working hours.

Scheduling your student(s) 3QP

Prior to scheduling, please review the information below:

  • Presentations are scheduled from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday, March 9th through Wednesday, March 11th and 7:30am to noon on Thursday, March 12th with a morning break and lunch for teachers.
  • Have several times that will work for you and your student(s) so that you are ready to schedule once the portal opens.
  • Parents who share custody need to determine in advance who will schedule the presentation time. 
  • At least one parent needs to attend; students will only receive one time slot.  Thank you for working these issues out ahead of time.
  • ***Only set one appointment per student.  Multiple appointments will result in the cancellation of both appointments, therefore a possible later date and time.
  • Click here to access the video on how to schedule your 3QP appointment
    • Please note the video was made last year.  Disregard the date that is given to complete the scheduling.
    • Scheduling will shut down on Friday January 24th at 4pm.  Any unscheduled presentations will then be scheduled by administration

IMPORTANT:  Front office and teachers do not have access to the presentation scheduling module so we ask that all questions or concerns be sent to presentations@goasa.org only.  Email will be monitored throughout the day and answered asap. 

Thank you for your parental support of the presentation process.  ASA graduates repeatedly share the presentation process plays a critical role in their success at college.

Registration Information – August 6-8th, 2019

ParentVue Access – Each parent should have their ParentVue account activated and able to log in.  If an activation key is needed or help accessing send email to registrations@goasa.org only.  Email must include your name, student’s name, and grade level

  • Step 1:  Registration Appointment
    • Sign up for registration appointment (link below) link below
    • Sign up for registration appointment for “Dual Enrollment” (link below) (only for high school students grades 10th – 12th who have enrolled in the dual enrollment)
  • Step 2:  Online Registration Demographic update (note this works best when done using a pc or tablet)
    • Log into your ParentVue account
    • Click the “online registration” button on top left
    • Complete the online registration process for each student
    • Only one parent per student will be able to update the demographic information for student
  • Step 3:  Fees:  Review and pay Student Fees for the 2019-2020 School  (note this works best when using a pc or tablet)
    • Log into your ParentVue account and review student fees.
    • Make online payments as all fees must be paid in full prior to your registration appointment.
    • Special note:  the following fees are assigned for the entire year.  This fee may be paid in full or paid by the 15th of each month.  (month due is in the description).
      • 3rd Arts class fee
      • Pay to Play arts course fee
      • After School Programs
    • For assistance with the following, send an email to payments@goasa.org only. Email must include your name, student’s name, and grade level.
      • Questions related to fees that have been assigned to student
      • Requesting an Annual Activity Fee Waiver (Waiver form will be sent via email)
      • Financial arrangement for student fees due (You will be contacted to schedule an appointment to set up payments)
      • Requesting a Student Fee Waiver application (Waiver application will be sent via email. Waiver application and supporting documents will be due no later than August 2nd to the finance office)
  • Step 5:  Registration forms  (coming to your mailbox the week of July 29th)
    • Fill out all forms received in registration packet prior to coming to your registration appointment.
  • Step 4:  Optional
    • Sign up for After School Program (link below)
    • Sign up for Parking Lottery drawing, student drivers only (link below)

Registration Day:

If all steps are completed, at your registration appointment you will:

  • Turn in registration paperwork (included in the mailing)
  • Receive the following:
    • Student Schedule
    • Student ID
    • Student Planner
    • Other important information for the 2019-2020 School Year

Link to ParentVue:


Links to Registration Appointments:

2019 -20 School Year Registration Sign up

Dual Enrollment Registration – ASA Campus (10th – 12th Grade Dual Enrollment students only)

Link to Afterschool Program enrollment form:

2019-20 ASA Afterschool program enrollment information

Link to Parking Permit lottery sign up:

Parking Permit lottery sign up

If you are interested in an After School Program please email afterschoolprograms@goasa.org.