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At ASA, there is never a dull moment and it can be hard to keep up with the plethora of activities. We hope to highlight the main events and information you are searching for herein.

Open Campus Hours (Unstructured Pilot Program) Update:  ASA has provided a free, supervised open campus until 5:30pm during the past two school years during which time the library was closed and construction boomed around us.  While we have enjoyed being able to provide this service, the program has become quite costly and taxing on our staff. We will continue to offer (and expand) fee-based after school programs, but will be unable to continue to keep campus open and supervised outside of the classes and homework/practice hours.

After School Programs for the upcoming school year include:

  • Homework Hour (grades 5th – 12th) ($100/month) A supervised quiet study time where students will have access to computers to complete their homework and receive assistance from an instructor as needed.
  • Homework / Practice Hour Combined (grades 5th – 12th) ($100/month) A supervised quiet study time where students will have access to computers to complete their homework and practice an instrument. Students split their time daily.
  • Extended Hour (grades 5th – 9th)($100/month) An extended hour of homework hour
  • Mindfulness and Physical Health (grades 5th – 12th) ($100/month) This will include daily meditation and mindfulness practices for the first 20 minutes.  The second half will include a physical activity including, but not limited to: Yoga (3-4 days per week), Capoeira, Tai Chi
  • Creative Writing (grades 5th – 12th) ($100/month) This will include several different types of writing, taught in multi-week blocks including by not limited to: Travel Journaling, Short Stories, Poetry, Spoken Word. Students will use prompts and participate in activities building bridges between creative writing and their own lived experiences.
  • Chess Club (grades 5th – 12th) ($150 / 9 week session).  This club meets once a week on Wednesday 3:20pm – 4:20pm and is taught by Chess Emporium on ASA campus. There is not a deposit for this program.  Program fee must be paid upon enrollment.
  • After School Visual Art program (See below for description and options) Separate registration:  visit www.yolikunst.com/fall-2019 
    • Draw/Paint I & II
      Tue/Thurs – 3:20- 4:45 (7TH – 12TH grade) $450/year $100 deposit due at registration.
      Class will focus on the skill of drawing and also apply those skills to painting in acrylics.  Students will develop skills through measurement drawing, grid drawing, portrait drawing, and still life drawing.
    • Art Studio Experience
      Mon/Wed/Fri – 3:20- 4:45 (open to all grade levels) $550/year $100 deposit due at registration.
      This is a choice based art class that lets the student make all the decisions like they are the artist in their own studio.  Students will work on themes throughout the semester that allow them to use their creativity to create their work.  Students will also be given demonstrations in a variety of media and keep a visual journal.
      Registration is now open!For more information, visit www.yolikunst.com/fall-2019 or contact Yolanda at yolikunst@gmail.com

Please read and follow the steps below to sign your student(s) for ASA After School Program(s)

Step 1:

  • PAYMENT (online only)  – Online deposit of first month fee for each After School Program must be made prior to submitting the ASA After School Program Enrollment form.

  • Chess Club – payment for first semester is due upon submitting enrollment form.  No deposit.

  • To make payment go to SchoolPay and write down your transaction number located on your receipt (you will need this for your enrollment form)

  • Be sure to select the program(s)

  • Write down your transaction number

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Once payment has been made and form submitted, your student will be enrolled in the program(s).

We will enroll students into the program on a first come first serve basis.  Once program is full, students will be placed on a waiting list until a spot becomes available or another section of program is created.


SchoolPay – (to make payment prior to submitting the enrollment form)

2019-2020 After School Program Enrollment Form

If you have any questions regarding payment or submission of form, please send an email to afterschoolprograms@goasa.org and include your student name and grade level.

Information will be available around December 2019 for 2019-2020 3rd Quarter Presentation Scheduling