Chromebooks Tips

Chromebooks and Summertime!

Your student’s school-issued Chromebook is something they are allowed to keep over the summer and even encouraged to use as they learn throughout the hot months! However, if they don’t use it much, please encourage them not to simply leave their ASA Chromebook plugged in all summer long.  Leaving a device constantly charging can wear down the battery and limit its lifespan. When not in use, simply keep your student’s Chromebook in a cool, safe, and dry place.

However, when school begins on August 17th, your student’s Chromebook will need to be charged and ready to go! Make sure to have your student plug back in their Chromebook on August 15th so that they can get a full charge in time for learning on campus again!

Have a great summer of rest and relaxation after this challenging year!

-Dr. Maxwell