Alumni Spotlight Arielle Gereboff – Class of 2000

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Arielle Gereboff started at ASA in the school’s inaugural year, 1995, as an 8th grader and graduated ASA in 2000. Today, she is a Middle School teacher at a private school in Los Angeles, California. She went to UC Santa Barbara where she received a BA in French and a BA in Linguistics, then earned an MA in French Linguistics at Indiana University, she also has a teaching credential from Hebrew Union College in LA.

Life at ASA

There were twenty-two students in Arielle’s graduating class.  Arielle started her ASA career in the original church house for 8th – 9th grade and then split her time between the church campus and the Annex for her remaining Years at ASA. She knew her education at ASA was invaluable because of the relationships she had with her teachers. Students and teachers formed very strong relationships. There were times Ms. Maline would drive her to the airport so she could see her parents who moved to California (she was living with a family friend at the time). Since class sizes were so small, she was also able to customize her schedule and take advanced classes at an earlier age. She was able to take 10th grade Math in 8th grade and 11th grade Science and math in 9th grade. ASA offered greater flexibility with schedules and classes than most districts.

Arielle shared, “my favorite memory at ASA is when Mr. Rebolini went to make copies in the middle of class, and the entire 12th grade class hid in the bathroom located adjacent to our classroom. While they were hiding there, the class began singing a song.  We could hear Mr. Rebolini going from room to room asking other teachers if they’d seen his class.”

How ASA Created the Roadmap to Arielle’s Success 

In college, Arielle took advantage of her professor’s office hours more than her classmates. Directly related to her time at ASA, she knew that in order to maximize learning and shape her experience, she needed to work with the professors. Arielle had the confidence to ask questions and create a relationship with each of them.

Currently, Arielle teaches 7th grade Science, Middle School French, Middle School Drama, and 6th grade English. Prior to this, she has also taught Middle School and High School religion, math, philosophy and speech and debate.  She also taught university French for five years.  She attributed her love of all subjects to ASA. She had such positive relationships with her ASA teachers that she wanted to learn EVERY subject, and not limit herself to one. She wants to instill her passion for learning to her current students and be there for them to answer any question; be it Math, English, or Science. Arielle’s love of the arts never faded, which is why she stepped up to teach drama at her school since she had experience in a theatre troupe in college. She has also played clarinet in her school’s faculty ensemble.  She hopes her students appreciate the arts in learning the way she does from her time at ASA!